Monday, June 4, 2012

Do What You Love And Love What You Do

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

How can we do that? We have to survive. That means (for most of us) making a living. How can you make a living and also  do what you love?

We could have a "settle for" lifestyle but we still might not be happy. After all settling for something less than is not "love what you do". Do we read books on "mindset" and self help so that we can convince ourselves that what we have or are getting is just what we want and that we love what we do?

Another Option to Do What You Love and Love What You Do

You know, if I had enough money I would...  How many of us have said that? With enough money you definitely could do what you love AND love what you do. But a second job is out of the question. That would make me even more miserable.

What are some other options available? Win the lottery? Yeah right! I wonder if there is something I could do at home to make extra money. I saw a website yesterday called Work From Home And Get Rich. It was a blog with lots of good articles. At the top it said "The Best Home Business In The World". Well, maybe. But is that what you should do to do what you love and love what you do?

Maybe It Can Let You Do What You Love And Love What You Do

I found some information and some ideas that caused me to think a little differently. It was proposed that if I were making 20k a month with my home business, then I could do what I love and Love what I do. Well, first of all, would I love my home business? What if it was only part time? Well...I would love that! Part time and 20k a month? Who wouldn't love that? (Do what you love and love what you do) right?

I then looked at a video (here). The presentation was compelling. I checked out some more about the company and found out that even someone like myself with no experience can make 10k-20k a month! Wow. I got to thinking...when I was little, what did I want to do or be when I grew up? Well, if i could make that much money part time, I could go ahead and do it!

PS: I found another article about this (here)

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